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MARCH 5 - 28, 2015

OPUS Project Space is pleased to announce Susan Dreifuss’ first solo exhibition, Grey Area, at 526 West 26th Street #705, March 5 - 28, 2015. Gallery hours are Saturdays 11-5, and by appointment.  An opening reception will be rescheduled to Saturday, March 7, from 1 - 4 pm due to weather and travel conditions.


“Day after day and night after night we have wandered among the crumbling wonders of Rome; day after day and night after night we have fed upon the dust and decay of five-and-twenty centuries--have brooded over them by day and dreamt of them by night till sometimes we seemed moldering away ourselves…”                 

                                                                                             Mark Twain

                                                                                  The Innocents Abroad


At present, our society is obsessed with a paradoxically impersonal disclosure of personality and presence. Image dominates interactions which are conveyed through a screen, with an almost complete lack of true personal connection. Likes, selfies and vacuous updates consume the public; there is a habitual emphasis on what is happening every second. Life isn’t experienced, it's measured and weighed; the intention has changed. Actual immersion and understanding of our capabilities seems to be lost. We focus on end results, discounting the importance of the full journey and the moments in between. 


In protest of technology’s alteration of the human experience, I chose to fully participate and immerse myself in each moment; embracing the experience while in the ether, hovering in a self-proclaimed “grey area.”  As a result, I aim to bring permanence to different aspects of each piece through juxtaposition; searching and finding, absence and presence, logic and forgetfulness, veiling and revealing. I have embraced the challenge of exploring a literal “grey” area, as the lack of color has allowed me to explore realms of dimension, texture and negative space. It is my goal with this collection of work to represent a true and courageous documentation of my experience being “neither here nor there.”   


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