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December 6 - 23, 2012

OPUS Projects is pleased to present Nick Naber's first solo exhibition, Constructions.  An opening reception will be held on Thursday, December 6, 6-8pm.

Constructions recall myriad architectural sources: prisons, both the panoptican as theorized by Bentham and the paper project prisons of Piranesi; medieval castles and fenestration; the severity of Communist / Fascist architecture; and the mind's eye.  This series borrows heavily from the surrounding architecture of Brooklyn, and takes from multiple architectural histories. 

The constraints of everyday life influence these works.  Constructions function as a metaphor for a person living outside of the hegemonic culture.  These assemblies give glimpses of a way out but do not offer a real escape.  The placement on the page plays a key role in how the work is viewed, as the viewer is placed outside of these walls and asked to imagine what it would be to be trapped inside.  They work psychologically implying a certain reality that exists in our culture.

OPUS Projects is also pleased to sponsor Nick Naber's on site mural.  This inaugural mural project will be executed and completed on the new south wall during the month of December.  The OPUS:MURI Project is the first in a series of invited, on site, mini - residency projects sponsored at OPUS Project Space

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