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OPUS Poet in Residence 2013

OPUS Projects is proud to support and collaborate with its first poet in residence Melissa Buzzeo.  During her year long residency she will collaborate with OPUS founder  and curator Anthony Caradonna on a collaborative narrative project; an interdisciplinary photo - poetic intersection investigating the urban skyline as a mandala capturing the spectral formations of curtain wall projected light branded on neighboring facades. 

"Melissa Buzzeo crafts her sentence as a minimalist unit of perception. It can move with a prepositional sinuousness, or in concise frames, as in a film. It lends itself to what she compellingly calls 'the pleasure of cataloguing confusion.' It recurs also, to suggest the wave structure of sleep, thinking, love. And in each sentence she shows how the senses crystalize to form concepts or time. This is a precociously patient book: it waits for its reader. This can feel wise, or erotic, as if it were we who she ably pronounces.

— Lisa Robertson, on What Began Us (2007)




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