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OPUS Proect Space is pleased to host Mark Kremer’s first mini residency and mural drawing installation, Orbital Cycles, at OPUS Projects, 526 West 26th Street #705, January 7 – 19, 2013. Gallery hours are Friday and Saturday, 12-6pm, and by appointment. A closing reception will be held on Thursday, January 17, 6-8pm.

Orbital Cycles is an on site drawing residency and installation exploring Mark Kremer’s interests in the orbital and gravitational mechanics of the universe and drawing machines. Kremer’s desire to explore the space that planetary motions create led him to construct a geared drawing machine, similar to a spirograph, that charts the path of a moving point under the influence of gravitational centers.

“The spirograph is an apparatus that enables me to hypothesize and test numerous questions and explore spatial possibilities through drawing.  The phenomenon of rotation and orbiting is a constant of our existence, evidenced by the daily solar path.  The path traveled on a geographic map differs from the path traveled through space. A slanted and curved line more accurately records one’s movement on, over, and around the surface of our spherical planet as it orbits around the sun and expanding universe.”

The Orbital Cycles installation project extends the gravitational reach of the drawing machine around the perimeter walls of OPUS Project Space.  Kremer and his spriograph will create a mural scroll that maps and navigates seven intervals of time and space – constructed on a seven day drawing interval and along the seven wall surfaces – to reconstruct a length and duration drawing narrative. Orbital Cycles aligns the real time and physical dimensions of the room with the metaphysical trajectories of our expanding orbital universe.

As a student of architecture, Mark’s inquiry into drawing machines points to fundamental universal questions about human existence and space.  His measured drawings and machines explore the dialogue between finite and infinite possibility, between perceived kinetic and static states and scales of awareness and the extensive tradition of the human hand in drawing and design.

​Orbital Cycles extends the ancient tradition of ‘templum’ which aligns the celestial and terrestrial orders.


January 07 - 19

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