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Deborah Meehan is an artist working in film and photography.

Her projects have explored subjects ranging from the landscape of Ireland’s Aran Islands, to Chicago’s Maxwell Street Market.

Meehan has also produced and directed many short films, and art directed photo projects for numerous clients including: The BBC, The Whitney Museum, Pratt Institute, Steelcase International, and Tribune Entertainment. Her own films and videos have been exhibited internationally if festivals, galleries, and museums.

Professor Meehan has also taught film and television production, film studies, and photography at: The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, The University of Oklahoma, The School of Visual Arts, and William Paterson University. She is currently a tenured full professor at Pratt Institute, and principal at Scattering Rice Productions in New York City.

Her current project, WITHIN THE PALE is centered in Belfast, Northern Ireland; a city still divided by a dozens of “peace lines” - walls constructed at the beginning of the Troubles in 1969 to separate communities of British Loyalists and Irish Republicans. This project will use both photography and video to explore the effect of those long-standing walls.


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