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OPUS Projects is proud to support and collaborate with its first author in residence David Nash.  During her year long residency he will collaborate with OPUS founder  and curator Anthony Caradonna on a collaborative project; an interdisciplinary video trailer investigating the written and visual language developed in his first novel, Van Gogh's Ear.


Van Gogh’s Ear Synopsis​​​

From the mountains of Utah to the seaside underbelly of Venice, California come two brothers on a voyage of holy revenge and realization. Ross hunts the rapist of his one true love, Lizzy. His younger brother, Brentwood, is unknowingly along for the ride. Culminating with three murders committed on Christmas Eve, this is a dark, contemporary story of a young man who destroys what he loves most. Van Gogh's Ear is the soul-rending account of love between two brothers. It is the narrative of their last few months together in a world where love tears apart and the lessons of the mind are rarely those of the heart.

"What a dark, flame-lit, searing cauldron of love and desire David Nash has illuminated here. Van Gogh's Ear astounds in its emotional ferocity, its wide-eyed look at the nature of torment, the emotional hell we each create for ourselves and those we love: and always, at hand, the possibility for redemption. Love, that which would save us all, each to each. This is biblical literature at its most contemporary: Venice, California; sand and the board-walk and beach; the dark side of the music scene and those who so populate -- written in a prose, line by line, that aches to be received, its cadences melodically fit and thundering within the dark well of these lives where the heart so insistently drums. Only David Nash could write this novel. Like a friend, a chance intersection in the dark night of a soul, this book will change your life. Leonard Cohen writes, 'Forget your perfect offering / There is a crack, a crack in everything / That's how the light gets in.' Van Gogh's Ear is that light."

- T. M. McNally, author of Low Flying Aircraft



OPUS Author in Residence 2013

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