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November 8 - December 1, 2012

OPUS Projects​ is pleased to present Anna Sörenson's solo exhibition, ‘The Recordings of Material Locations’.  An opening reception will be held on Thursday, November 8, 6-8pm.​

The ‘The Recordings of Material Locations’ series is constructed through the layered assembly of diverse materials and written notations.  Paper functions as the primordial component, for Sörenson, the unpretentious tabla rasa that is easily transformed and combined with other materials.  The artist explores the fusion of materials to fuel discovery and unforeseeable results.  Inventive material combinations include; watercolor, casein (milk based paint), oil, gouache, fabric, thread, plastic grocery bags, and take out container lids.  The centered organic shapes evoke land forms and anatomy, yet, remain abstract.  The combination of material and cognitive elements in each piece create unique, finely crafted, results that solicit visual and tactile response.

The format and process of Sörenson's series resemble and follow the rituals of a travelogue or perhaps preparatory drawings or plates for an atlas or almanac.  Her process is directly relate to her journeys and experiences with landscapes around the world.  Working like a naturalist or geologist recording the temporal and atmospheric data of a specific site study, it is grounded in empirical means, including notes recording the time, temperature and dimensions of each piece.  However, Sörenson invites open and interpretive associations; "I sew paper, fabric and found materials on paper.  The stitches create a delicate line which expresses carefulness.  The piercing also implies violation and pain.  Collage facilitates a more physical and sensual interplay for the viewer."

The landscape of her native Stockholm, one of the world's largest archipelagos formed a strong tie with landscape; "To navigate water you need to be aware of many things - the waves, the wind, the weather, and what is under the surface.  As a an artist, I want to capture a mood and an atmosphere but still maintain an open read for the viewer to enter independently.  Moving to New York where my history was unknown, I felt liberated to pursue painting as a real object in the world.  I want to bring the painting close to everyday life."

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