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OPUS Projects is pleased to present Laurel Lueders second solo exhibition at OPUS Project SpaceEverything Left but the Image.  An opening reception will be held on Thursday, May 11-2017,


Laurel Lueders presents a new body of photographs in Everything Left but the Image, curated by fellow artists Andranik Aroutiounian and Leonora Loeb.  The exhibition features a selection from an ongoing series taken as she travels in temporary zones, such as airports, train stations, and hotel rooms.  As Lueders moves through these zones, often in an invigorated yet jet lagged state, the camera becomes a tool to witness her experience in a new space.  Transient spots become architecturally framed moments or newly imagined in-between worlds instead of static images or documentation of specific locations. 


Lueders finds opportunities for the camera to capture lines and shapes unseen by the eye, which creates ambiguous atmospheres.  This encourages viewers to add their own narratives within the frames of the picture plane and to fill in the gaps between each work.  As the works are extracted and pieced together, the multiple possibility of groupings allows for the making and remaking of new abstract stories. 


Following concepts of reimaging and reinterpreting, Lueders worked with Aroutiounian and Loeb to create new collaborative works in response to her series, which will be premiered alongside the exhibition at the reception.


Everything Left but the Image will be on view at Opus Projects from April 6th- May 23rd, 2017.  Opus Projects is open Saturdays 12-6pm and by appointment.  Please call 917-587-0804 to arrange for a viewing.  


A reception will take place on Thursday, May 11th from 6-8pm.




LAUREL LUEDERS Everything Left but the Image

April 6 - May 23, 2017

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