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OPUS Project Space presents Repair a solo exhibition by Charlotte Meyer April 3 - 26, 2014.  An opening reception will be held on Thursday, April 3, 6-8pm at OPUS Project Space. Open to the Public Fridays & 11am  - 3 pm and by appointment.

Meyer’s interest in cognitive response, perception and sensory experience are considered through video and drawings that emphasize the subtleties and nuances of repair.


Utilitarian materials net and drape numerous architectural facades in order to protect the immediate vicinity; simultaneously preserving exterior patinas, memory and the collected life of these buildings during their reconstruction. Cascading fabric falling from the extreme heights of multi-story buildings, strain against the restraint of scaffolding - manifesting in a multitude of layers and alternate patterns that Meyer studies, reinterprets and renders in gold leaf and moving image. This fabric creates a cocoon of space explored in Meyer's work throughout this exhibition as beautiful in its own right.


The filming of Domino, an abstract montage of billowing semi-structural fabric, began with the demolition of the now defunct sugar factory, located directly across the street from the artist's studio. Designated for destruction over protection and repair, it becomes a reflection of our collective experience with damage, and how the relationship between interior and exterior is perceived in our conscious and subconscious as we engage with our surroundings.



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