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​Anthony Caradonna pursues an interdisciplinary design, art and architecture practice, working collaboratively across multiple disciplines.  His passion for art, drawing and painting lead him to the underlying multidisciplinary approaches inherent in architecture. As director of OPUS XLLC, his multidisciplinary practice spans and links a variety of projects, creative individuals and creative fields


Timeless and emerging design and artistic practices inform Anthony's curiosity for cosmologies and the ideas, languages and forms that shape world views.  Bridging, linking and synthesizing diverse elements and factors allow him to model the fusion of matter and energy that define life and universe, the cycles of life that inform art and creative exploration and our cosmological comprehension.

Caradonna is the director and founder of OPUS XLLC and Opus Project Space. He is tenured professor at Pratt Institute's School of Architecture teaching interdisciplinary and international studios and history/theory coursework.  He has taught at a number of universities internationally. He was past undergraduate chair at Pratt and also the chair at the Art Institute of NYC Interior Design department.  He is an alumnus of Pratt's School of Architecture and Harvard's Graduate School of Design.


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