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April 2 - 25, 2015


Oozing obstacles. Wallpaper folds tumbling down. Creeping plaster. Patterns flowing out of their boundaries. Wrinkled blinds.  The rules of domesticity are ironclad: things must conform to make life comfortable, secure. To fend off entropy and confusion, surfaces and objects are made to submit to expectations; above all, to be smooth. This we take for granted, otherwise homeliness would be no refuge and sleep would be troubled by turbulence and lawlessness. This is the world that Analia Segal’s work seeks to upset.


Yet her objects and surface alterations do not propose chaos as the mirror of order – this would be too easy to control. Instead, they prefigure a world of uncanny presences: what can’t be swept under the rug; the peeping Tom in every window; the permanent deformation caused by stress in materials and people; decoration as an unruly invader. It is a world that puts us on the brink, a mystery that dares us to go beyond


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